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We specialize in discovering what you can do, not what you cannot do. By investigating and defining what’s important to you and why, we provide an in-depth fitness and nutrition assessment geared towards reaching your personal goals. From weight loss, to athletic performance, to injury recovery, we note your strengths, limitations, and adaptation needs and develop an effective plan along the way.

To reach a state of optimal balance with your health and well-being, it’s vital to understand the intricacies of your body and genetic makeup. That intimate understanding is key to being effective and efficient with your nutrition and fitness.

Together, we’ll find something you enjoy doing, while learning about your body and tendencies along the way. Avoid what you hate and embrace what you love ‒ what haven’t you tried? Snowshoeing, dancing, yoga, barre, spinning, kickboxing? Along the way, we’ll check in on the foods that power you to move and create an effective nutrition plan so you can do more, longer.

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General Services

  • Personalized nutrition plans (virtual)
  • Nutritional consulting (virtual)
  • Health Coaching(virtual)
  • Fitness assessments and training (virtual/in-home)
  • In-home visits pantry makeovers (virtual/in-home)
  • Cooking demos and meal prep (virtual/in-home)
  • Presentations and speaking
  • Media spokesperson communications
  • Consultant opportunities
  • Contract practice and program consultant
  • Corporate Wellness
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What does a Vital RD Genetic Test Provide?

Vital RD’s Genetic Testing is a comprehensive report of over 30 genetic traits and 100 unique genes. You’ll get a deep, personalized insight into what your body requires to look, feel, and function at the top of your genetic capabilities. From learning how your body processes macro and micronutrients to losing weight more efficiently, the Vital RD Genetic Test cuts through the noise to tell you how to best work with your actual, genetic makeup to accomplish a range of wellness goals. The Nutrition and Fitness DNA Test looks at your genetic traits, with a focus on nutrition absorption and environmental data, respectively. This information will help you maximize and dial-in your health, nutrition, and performance.

Our tests are not intended to and cannot diagnose or treat disease. The traits studied show your personal genetic tendencies. They are not a stand-in for a medical professional, registered dietitian or trainer. Rather, we aim to provide you with the tools to make informed decisions that align with your genetic predisposition. Your genome will never change, nor will the recommendations from your Vital RD Genetic Test Report. Your DNA and health lab is HIPPA Secure and not shared with any medical parties. All genetic material is regularly disposed of to ensure maximum privacy and confidentiality.

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