Personalized DNA Health plan

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to good health. Discover your personalized health plan.

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Whole Picture DNA Testing

Get the food, nutrient and training recommendations to allow you to reach your potential. Through Vital RD’s DNA testing, know what foods your body metabolizes, what exercises your body best responds to, and more. No more chasing diet and exercise fads, do what makes sense for you. Unlike other DNA testing, Vital RD provides you more than a report. Our registered dietitian nutritionists and trainers will help you interpret your report to establish a nutrition and fitness plan specific to your genetic make-up. With a truly prescriptive nutrition and fitness plan, you can be effective and efficient in your dietary and exercise efforts.

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Nutrition DNA Testing

Personalized nutrition for optimized health

Gone are the days of fad dieting, ditching carbs, and yo-yo nutrition. Say hello to the days of actually eating what your body needs, not just craves. Through genetic nutrition testing, we’ll discover how to best address your nutritional needs and deficits. We will teach you how to fill in the gaps for a well-rounded nutrition plan that delivers the best possible result. You will have a personalized understanding and prescriptive plan for how to get the results you want.

The combination of nutrients, proteins, and fats eaten daily absorb and influence our energy, mood, and ability to recover. With each human being composed of a unique combination of genetic information that interacts with food differently, diving into the intricacies of nutrigenomics (the relationship between nutrition and a person’s genes) opens up a world of science- based understanding. Information you can actually use.

How your body metabolizes proteins, fats, and carbohydrates is unique. Through Nutrition DNA testing, understand your ideal nutrient intake as well as how you absorb key vitamins and minerals. Unlike other nutrition DNA testing, Vital RD follows up with a registered dietitian review of your DNA report and a customized diet plan with foods you prefer that align with your genetic findings.

Fitness DNA Testing

Maximize your fitness with a plan tailored specifically to you

Tap into your fitness potential through an in-depth breakdown of your genetic markers to understand how you may achieve optimal wellness and strength. Together, we’ll look at your genetics to understand the correct mix and intensity of cardiovascular vs weight training, high intensity- HIIT vs endurance training, and appropriate recovery modalities to get you the weight control, muscle maintenance, and performance results that you desire.

To reach specific fitness goals, you’ll need to know your body inside and out. Whether you want to rehab from an injury, burn fat, gain muscle, improve performance or just start moving, an insight into your genetic makeup will help you strategically plan workouts to feel and see effective results. After receiving the results of the Fitness DNA Test and assessing your body’s ability trends our team of trainers will compile detailed workouts to guide you through your fitness journey.

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Steps To Your Customized Diet Plan


Schedule a consultation with a member of our team.


Mail a simple cheek swab to our federally certified lab in our provided pre-paid packaging.


Review your insight-rich report with a registered dietitian nutritionist complete with diet plan recommendations.