10 Tips to Keep you Motivated for Activity When the Weather is Not Great

  1. Layer up! The goal is to get you moving, get you active and to build exercise into your routine. Even if it is cold you can still layer up with appropriate winter wear… gloves, hats, scarves and footwear. There is lots of winter gear that can help you enjoy the outdoors-especially in our beautiful snowy states-and we want you to stay active no matter what month it is! Find what you can commit to versus what you are interested in. Make it simple and sustainable.
  2. Seek out an exercise partner, virtually or in person.
  3. Make a goal and write it out so you can identify with it. Include when you will start and what you will do.
  4. Focus on the benefits not only from a cardiovascular standpoint but weight loss as well as mental health benefits and decreasing stress.
  5. Plan ahead! Look at your week's schedule and make sure you fit in time for you to exercise. For the days that you don’t think you have time, break up your workouts into smaller increments. 10 minutes in the morning, 10 minutes at lunch and 10 minutes at dinner!
  6. Pre-plan your workout attire! The night before, lay out your workout clothes and shoes so you can change and be ready to move!
  7. Find something fun and new that you can try. A new class, a new video or even a new type of activity.
  8. If you find yourself running out of time each day for your exercise, start optimizing the morning alarm! Wake up slightly early to allow time for yourself to get in a quick activity! Even if you can only commit to 15 minutes early, give it a try! 15 minutes is better than 0 minutes.
  9. Stay committed to your program. Set a goal and stay committed to achieving that goal.
  10. If you are stuck inside, find other things you can do at home such as going up and down your stairs, doing a plank challenge, lunges, squats, free weights, bands, TRX, or jump rope! All of these are activities you can add to your home environment/routine. Increasing your activity no matter what the weather is like outside is important and remember to focus on what you can do vs what you can’t do!

Please let us know if we can help you with your activity routine-join our 100 mile walking club or sign up for a virtual personal training session!